• True Player Gear Introduces Totem - A Challenger to the Oculus Rift

    Are you still feeling a little butthurt over Facebook's acquisition of Oculus, a company you had no actual investment in? Hey man, we hear you and so does everyone else. Fortunately for you, another company is ready to take the reigns back for the hardcore gaming crowd that feels like they're still owed the world.

    Yesterday, True Player Gear announced Totem, a new virtual reality headset that is very much in the planning stages still. Hell, these guys also know exactly what you want to hear and they're delivering the promises in spades.

    We're talking about:

    • 1080p OLED display
    • 90 degree FOV
    • 3 axis gyroscope
    • 3 axis accelerometer
    • 3 axis magnetometer
    • 5.1 audio
    • Buttons
    • Engine support for Unreal, Unity, Havok (yes, a physics engine is somehow supported!), CryEngine
    • Augmented reality usage
    • External cameras to see into the real world without having to take the device off your head
    • Usable on the PC, PlayStation 4 (what?), PlayStation 3 (huh?), Xbox One (really?), and Xbox 360 (?!)

    These are the kind of unproven promises that you wanted to hear from Oculus and you got them here with Totem! Plus, the mockup for Totem looks like it's a face. Look at that cute little guy!

    The company says they will be at E3 this year (that being 2014), so it will be interesting to see if this thing ends up being the real deal or not. Then again, they also said they've been working on this technology for years and even had a sweet teaser video from 2006 to show off that has somehow gone unnoticed for the past eight years.

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    1. jimykx's Avatar
      jimykx -
      I'm alll skeptical
    1. CptainCrunch's Avatar
      CptainCrunch -
      As you should be.

      I dont care what happened with Oculus and Facebook myself, but there were some valid points about the entire kickstarter to get this all going and then some company buys it all out.

      But, it is what it is and I have no plans on purchasing either myself and this can happen like the Facebook thing as well.