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08-20-2008, 03:58 PM
SCEE (http://uk.playstation.com) has announced some cool new stuff from the Buzz! series for the PSP at this years Game Convention (http://www.gc-germany.com). Check it out:

Fire up your little grey cells as Buzz! gets brainy with Buzz!: Brain Bender on PSP.

Buzz!: Brain Bender sees Buzz! step out of the studio and into the laboratory for a mental workout featuring 16 mini-games that test your skills of analysis, observation, memory and calculation including:

* Path Finder: A maze game where you have to decide quickly which path leads to the centre
* Power Struggle: A decision game based on who can win tug of war battles between different vehicles
* Match Up: Can you tell how many pairs of contestants there are in a puzzle?
* Pattern Match: A puzzle style game where you need to identify the correct shapes to fit into a missing grid
* Take Away: A card game where participants need to identify the missing cards from a series
* Sound Bites: A game based on sounds made by animals or objects in which you have to recall correctly the order they were played
* Blot Swot: Can you still solve maths puzzles when they're full of missing numbers?
* Sliced Up: A game where you must decide what portion of the food on display hasn't been eaten

Buzz!: Brain Bender is designed for both solo and multiplayer fun, with all of the above and more to test yourself, your friends and family. The extensive single player mode has three different ways to enjoy the mini-games - Training Mode lets you warm up your brain with a variety of mini-games, Challenge Mode gives you all sorts of different objectives to achieve in each category of game, while Test Mode allows you to track your progress over time.

Up to six people can take each other on in the Brain Battle Multiplayer Mode by passing around a single PSP, giving you a sociable gaming experience where the winner can claim victory over his or her opponents.

A completely new and different Buzz! experience, Buzz!: Brain Bender reaches parts of the brain that previous Buzz! titles never have before. Let Buzz! test your brain and tickle your funny bone when Buzz!: Brain Bender is released later this year.


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